The Unexpected Kiss

The Unexpected Kiss

By: H.L. Wampler

Emma thought she was a shoe in for the promotion. Her performance reviews were always stellar, her work meticulous, her ad campaigns made the company millions. Her downfall was the presentation she had to give. She completely froze in front of CEO Andrew Guy and the heads of Tru Fragrance.

Saved by Adam, the man she longed for, she sat in the darkened room defeated. Her work nemesis got everything. The man she wanted, the promotion she so deserved, and that big raise. The raise she needed to finally get out of that tiny apartment and make her life get started.

Until a chance run in with an unexpected man. A man she didn’t think even knew her name. One night changes everything and not in the way she thought with an Unexpected Kiss.

Thanks to @WhovianHorseLover for the lovely cover!

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