Hi and welcome!!

Zombies, love, fantasy, and fairy tales. It is my goal to whisk you away to some far off land or somewhere close to home in my stories. I want to stretch your imagination and make you awe as my characters fall in love.

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3 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Hello, please tell me for what age your books are appropriate. I’ve not read any of them but my 12 year old came across The King’s Assassin. Since some of the adjectives used were marriage, love, and romance, I’m concerned that it’s too mature for her.

    • Depending what you allow her to read…I trend to hear my books towards 16+. However it really depends how Marie the reader is. There are a few vulgar words, not many. Maybe a handful in the entire novel. There are fight scenes that describe how men die. And one love scene at the end once the main characters are married.

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