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Zombies, love, fantasy, and fairy tales. It is my goal to whisk you away to some far off land or somewhere close to home in my stories. I want to stretch your imagination and make you awe as my characters fall in love.

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It has been a while since I’ve posted anything. It’s been a chaotic 4 months since my last post actually. I’ve been plugging away at the newest Ever After book, even though I’ve been stuck on this particular chapter for a few […]

Cover reveal!

As some of you know my contract expired with one of my publishers a few months ago. After much thinking, debating, rewriting, and a new cover….It’s going to be re-released!!

A Writer’s Game

I love games. Who doesn’t? They keep occupied, take your mind away from whatever you’re thinking about, and I like using it to combat writers block. Which I experience a lot. So lets play a game.

Help me!

So I have my Assassin series on Wattpad. I’ve started book 2 and I asked for help with the cover. This is where all of you wonderful people come in to play!


It’s that time of year again. Nanowrimo. It’s a month long battle with myself. I’ve participated the past three years. (This is my fourth!)

The tortured soul

The creative person tends to be a tortured soul. A person who struggles with decisions, life, and their craft. Perhaps it’s only natural for us. We are plagued by our craft whether it be writing, art, or music.

A book sale!

A high seas adventure of forbidden love, unlikely friends, and a lost treasure more precious than all the jewels in the world. For those of you who are fans of pirates and historical romance guess what? Cutlass Anne is on sale!

#Nestpitch fun

I decided to toss my Historical fantasy in the ring for #nestpitch. The King’s Assassin was a spur of the moment write and only my second attempt at historical anything. I wasn’t expecting much. I wasn’t even expecting to make it pass […]

Just another day

So it’s just another day. I’m waiting on agents and publishers to email me back. I’m working on a few WIP. And I’m also doing a whole lot of nothing.

A Quick sneak peek…

Here’s a quick sneak peek at one of my works in progress. I know it’s not a continuation of the story…I’ll be back at that one tomorrow. I just wanted to share this little bit. It’s from my zombipocalypse. So far it’s […]

Chapter 5

I know you all have salivated for the past 2 days for more of the story. I had a legit reason why I wasn’t posting…I was at the day job. Fun stuff. So here’s chapter 5.

Chapter 3

Well today we’re on to chapter 3. I still have no name for it. And it’s taking a different turn than what I originally wrote. So…here ya go.

The story

I’ve decided which story to post. It’s not one of the ones I”m actively working on and seeking to publish. It’s a story that I started and just pushed to the back burner a while ago, but I do love it. So […]

A first for me!

So I checked my Amazon this morning before leaving for my fun fill 10 1/2 hour shift and noticed a few more reviews for my book. I kind of grimaced a bit because I thin I suck…apparently I don’t!


I figure this only fitting…I’m doing a book giveaway! It is only in EBOOK form, I don’t have any print books…yet. I’m getting there, but it’s just Kindle for now. Don’t have a Kindle? Well, that’s okay. You can download the Kindle […]

Still so much to do!

I’ve been a published author for all of 24 hours. That’s it 24 hours. Nobody is banging down my door for interviews or autographs, I don’t even think anyone, besides those who read my blog and are on my Facebook even know […]

There is a debate roaring!

As I near the end of polishing my manuscript, hopefully for the last time, a firey debate has started in my brain. It’s a fierce debate that a lot of other writers seem to be going through lately.


H. L. Wampler

H. L. is a lover of almost all things written. She grew up never knowing that she wanted to be a writer. It came about one rainy afternoon while she was home with her twin boys. Bored while the kids she picked up her laptop and set about writing her first manuscript. Five years later Rebel Ink took their chances with the crazy sports girl from the steel city.

H. L. lives in the magnificent city of steel and bridges with her husband, twins sons, very fat cat, and very bad dog.

Her stories tend to write themselves. She never knows just where they’re going or what’s going to happen. On more than one occasion the characters have surprised even H. L. There are times though when she has to tell the crazy personalities that form on her laptop to chill out, but she has fun with them.

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