Favorite of the year!

I was browsing my book on Google today.

Yes…I do that on occasion, and I got quite the shock.

There is a blog out there called Read Our Lips! Book Reviews. One of the reviewers, Angie, reviewed my book earlier this year. Well, of the books she has reviewed she picked MINE as her favorite OF THE YEAR!

Read their blog entry HERE!

I am beyond honored that someone enjoyed Red’s Hood so much that it was their favorite. I have been in a writing slump, again, and this just really meant a lot. Seriously. I’m just amazed, shocked, surprised, thrilled, happy, and I feel accomplished as an author. Someone loves my book.

I want to say thank you to everyone at Read Our Lips! for even reviewing my book and a super huge thanks to Angie for giving this author a very satisfied feeling inside. All warm and fuzzy.

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