Wattpad writing

So I’m on Wattpad along with millions of other. I think it’s 13.5 million?

So what right?

Here’s what!

I started writing a historical fiction story last year. I posed a chapter or two and got sidetracked with other things. Editing for upcoming novels, writing other stories, and life.

Well about 2-3 weeks ago I got back into the story. After so many months and only two chapters it had a handful of reads and 1 or 2 votes. There was no ranking, it was an unknown story out in Wattpad world.

Want to know what happened in those 2-3 weeks? It’s at 13.1k reads, almost 500 votes, 41 comments, and it’s sitting at #28 in the historical fiction category over there.

I never put much stock in Wattpad reads, votes, or the ranking system, but as my story climbs up I can’t help but get excited. Especially when people keep telling me how much they love it and keep adding it to their reading lists.

Could I have a knack for historical fiction? I never saw myself as a historical type of writer….but I love it. It’s fun. Especially since I’m obsessed with things that happened hundreds/thousands of years ago. History is fascinating. Creating stories from those time periods is also exciting. (All of my people and incidents are completely fictional.)

I also decided to host a contest. It’s ongoing.

Interested in joining it? Well here’s what you have to do…write a fan fiction piece based on my story so far, OR write a chapter that would go along with the story, OR draw a picture depicting your favorite characters.

What do you win? A dedication, your story/picture/chapter featured on my Wattpad account, Facebook author page, google+, and Twitter.


Either way, I’m just thrilled I’m getting such a positive result from everyone.

the kings asssassin

If you feel like checking it out go HERE

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