Go polish that manuscript!

Since I made the decision to publish my series as ebooks, I’ve been polishing my manuscript like crazy!

Unfortunately with how easy it is to self-publish, many folks do not polish. Hell, some don’t even rewrite or get betas. I can’t stress how important getting beta’s, rewriting, polishing, checking, rechecking and joining forums is.

Yes, writing forums are AMAZING. I belong to Absolute Write and honestly, they’re awesome. They are honest, willing to help and give great advice. If you don’t know something, but want to, they will help.

So since I started polishing the manuscript, I have my beta’s reading and I posted my first chapter. Just from the first chapter advice, I’ve been able to really spiff it up. Oh yeah. Spiffy, spiffy.

If you are one of those people who thinks they don’t need to rewrite, get betas or seek critiquing; you are wrong. So wrong. Please at least get a first chapter critique. You don’t want to be one of those people who publishes and ends up with half a star because your book is a hot mess.

I won’t be a hot mess. I will polish. I will heed advice. I shall be humble and realize my writing is NOT perfect.

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