It’s done!

I finished up my last minute edits today. Thanks to my super, best friend Marijo.

So what does that mean?

TIME TO PUBLISH!In 12 hours The Last Grimm: Reds Hood will be available on Amazon!!!
I signed up for KDP select so it will be with Amazon Kindle exclusively for 90 days. The first 5 days it will be free, then it will be priced at $4.99.

I’m nervous about this coming out. I’m sure everyone who publishes, whether the first or 1,000th time, are nervous. We’re putting ourselves out their for the entire world to critique and tell us if our work is good or if it is complete shit.

I hope I’m not in the complete shit pile. I don’t think I am. I’ve heard nothing but positive things from everybody who has read it. I guess all I can do until people start reviewing Reds Hood is keep my fingers crossed.

Well, keep them crossed and get to work on the rest of the books I’m writing. (There are quite a few.)

So keep an eye out and SPREAD THE WORD!

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