Still so much to do!

I’ve been a published author for all of 24 hours. That’s it 24 hours.

Nobody is banging down my door for interviews or autographs, I don’t even think anyone, besides those who read my blog and are on my Facebook even know that my book exists.

Of course, going into this as a self-pubber, I wasn’t expecting any of that. I know that if I want people begging for interviews it all rests on my shoulders. I have to do all of my own promoting and marketing, which I’ve been doing all day. This is really turning into a full-time job. I didn’t even get a chance to write today. At least not yet. I have 2 or 3 that I’m really working on right now. I hope at least one of them (which is written, just needs edited) will be available within a month, maybe two.

But with the amount of work I’m doing with my promoting, when will I have time to write? Which getting more books out is one of the ways to get more people to read.

It’s a double-edged sword folks. And lets not forget that I am a mom who works an actual day job. A part-time day job, but a job none the less.

So, this is the beginning of a crazy journey for me. I suppose I still have time to get out. I can unpublish the book, but I don’t want to. I want to see my work flourish, and WANT to read it. I want to wake up to 300 emails asking me to do an interview.

Well, off to do the momly and wifely duties…time for some dinner.


Here’s the book, click the link if you want to buy it!

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