Chapter 6

I didn’t post yesterday. I have no excuse. I was just in one of those moods.

Here’s chapter 6

Chapter 6

My heart slammed against my chest. I know the monster had seen me. There was no doubt about that.

Why did that thing follow me? I wasn’t alone and it had eaten!

I pushed a corner of the curtain away and looked out, whoever or whatever that was, it was gone. The fear didn’t subside. If it followed me, that meant it was after me.


I had a sudden urge to have John at the house.

A pounding on the door made me jump and scream. I leapt into bed and under my covers.

“Anne?” My mother asked, throwing the door open.

“Mother!” I exclaimed, relieved it was her for once.

“What is going on with you?” she asked.

“I’m just a little jumpy.”

“Why on Earth are you jumpy?”

“What John told me frightened me a bit,” I muttered.

“Good. Young ladies should not be out after dark,” she said, shaking her head.

“You are right, mother.”

“I wanted to say goodnight and to let you know we invited John for dinner tomorrow.”

“Mother! Why?”

“You may not want to pursue a relationship with him, but that does not mean your father and I cannot have him over for dinner,” she explained.

I flopped back on my pillows and groaned. It was a set up. Even though, this time, I was okay with it. I needed to tell him about what I saw. I snuggled down in the blankets trying to get comfortable. Every noise made my heart speed up. Every time a tree branch tapped the window I couldn’t help but think it was the monster coming to get me. I really didn’t want to end up as somethings snack. I couldn’t really think of anyone who did want to be a snack.

I slowly drifted off to a restless slumber. My dreams were filled of fangs and blood-red eyes.


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