2 thoughts on “A Quick sneak peek…

  1. Marijo

    You know I freaking hate zombies, but that was an interesting beginning definitely. I’d just steer clear of any attempt to medically explain the zombie crap. That shit really pisses me off, and you know we all know zombies aren’t real so you have to suspend disbelief to go with it so you don’t need an explanation. Don’t be like 28 Days Later and try to give an explanation about the virus and blah blah blah but then that unnecessary explanation makes zero sense because it isn’t anything at all like any real medical thing. Heh. (Yes, I have issues, but that movie still makes me see red. haha)

    1. Heather

      Oh I won’t be trying to explain how it starts, just spread and cured. Well, kinda cured.

      I hate the stupid explanations too. Resident Evil isn’t too bad. 28 Days Later was ridiculous.

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