No more KDP Select!!!!

It is November 28 which means my 90 day exclusivity with Amazon is OVER! It has been a LONG 90 days that’s for sure.

I won’t be doing KDP Select again…ever.


Like everything the Select program does have its pros. You get 5 promotional days to use as you please. 5 out of 90 days your book can be free. I used the days at different intervals and ended up having The Last Grimm downloaded over 10k times. Out of those 10k people who have my book on their Kindle how many are going to actually read it? I say about 20%. I’m sure most of them are free book hoarders and eventually I’ll just be deleted.
(I don’t specifically look for “cheap” books. I buy whatever keeps me reading, so I love sample pages. If at the end I go OH MY GOD, I buy it and read it right then and there.)

So now I’m published with Smashwords…again. I am in the Premium Catalog which means over the next few weeks The Last Grimm will pop up in Apple’s IStore, on B&N for Nook, the sony ereader will have it in their store, and so on and so forth. You can download it for all those readers NOW, you just have to purchase it via Smashwords.

If you don’t want to wait…GO HERE RIGHT FREAKING NOW!!

I’m still working on the next installment. Of course I’m reading reviews and trying to incorporate as much of what people want as possible, but it boils down to one thing…am I happy with it. At the moment…no. I’m not.


But I will be…just give me some time and I’ll blow your minds with what’s brewing upstairs!!! It’s a COMPLETE change from book 1!

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