Making progress

I thought I’d just post a little update on how things are going on my end of things.

Stepping Through the Looking Glass is coming along nicely. I’m working on the ending now. The beginning and middle aren’t done. Nope, not at all, but the ending is pretty damn good.

I did start yet another story. I know, I know…I’m already working on a million. But the idea hit, it stuck…so I started it. I like it. Think Interview with a Vampire meets Cirque du Freak…only no circus and freaks. What I have in my mind is amazing.

The others are getting there. I’m letting them just sit and brew. I hit a brick wall with those. And as I do with brick walls I’m waiting for it to go away.

Of course my awesome health issues have impacted my writing. My brain is just…not working phenomenally. I blame my medication which I’m working on that little issue.

So that’s it for now. I’m just working on all the stories, promoting Red’s Hood, and doing what I do.

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