Still waiting…

I have to be the most impatient person in the world.

I hate waiting.

But I happily do it as I bite my nails.

I have THREE manuscripts out at the moment. THREE. Four as soon as I finish writing and editing the zombie novel.

I know waiting is one of the big things authors do once the manuscript is finished, but I’m so anxious; excited; thrilled; nervous; terrified; and what other feelings are there to describe it?

The publisher that has Cutlass Anne recently went into a venture with Macmillan’s St. Martin’s press. That’s one of the big six!!! Err…five now. Just the THOUGHT of being published with one of the big six is overwhelming. Me…a big six author! Well a big six author once removed. lol. The big six step-child. I can dig that. I can be a step-child! I’ll be Macmillan’s step-child.

See…I get myself worked up. My stomach hurts I’m so worked up.

Fingers are still crossed I hear back soon. :o)

2 responses to “Still waiting…

  1. I hope you get good news soon. But whatever happens, you should still be proud of yourself. You’ll get it someday I think.

    • I’m just a complete nervous wreck. I can’t wait to hear back. It feels like it’s taking forever! This month has felt like 20 years. lol

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