Twitter Pitch Parties!!

I love Twitter Pitch Parties!

They’re an awesome tool for authors, agents, and publishers.

So what are Twitter Pitch Parties? Well they are a place where authors get to pitch their manuscript (s) in 140 characters or less to publishers and agents in hope that someone requests pages.

This month there are TWO pitch parties. One will be occurring every Friday hosted by Entranced Publishing. If you have a Twitter account pitch you work to #FridayFrenzy. They are offering a workshop on how to perfect the pitch HERE.

The second is hosted by Brenda Drake. She has her Pitch Madness that she hosts every few months. This month it will be from March 26-28. The window to enter is March 15. Go TO HER BLOG for all the details. There are a lot of awesome agents participating to read the pitches and possible request pages.

Then on March 28 from 8 EST until 6 EST there will be a Twitter Pitch Party under the hashtage #PitMad.

I’ll be participating in both parties with 4 of my manuscripts.

GOOD LUCK to everyone who participates!

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