So excited!

I received my first ever contract today!

I’ve been painstakingly writing this zombie novel FOREVER! I began submitting it last month. I received a contract offer of representation today!

I’m not going into tons of detail today. I want to wait until I am 100% happy with the contract and have signed it before I reveal who the publisher is  and any further details.

This is my FIRST offer of representation EVER! I am so beyond thrilled, excited, anxious, and terrified. I have absolutely no idea what happens next. I didn’t understand most of the contract. I believe a lawyer may have to go over it with me…and the man.

Okay…I do know that I’ll be going through edits. Preparing to help out with promotion and marketing…then waiting for R day.

Keep checking back for the big publisher reveal!

5 responses to “So excited!

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  2. Definitely, absolutely. positively, have a lawyer look over your contract. I know of a well known songwriter who lives in poverty while his songs make millions for the recording company.

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