The BIG reveal!

So I’m happy with the contract. The editor-in-chief I’ve been communicating with is awesome. I’m super excited and stoked.I’m also nervous. I’m going to be seeing those dreaded red marks and comments, but it’s alright. I know I need to improve.

So now that the contract is signed and about to be sent in (I have NO idea how to scan shit into my computer. I need the Man.)….here it is folks. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

My big publisher reveal!

rebel ink

These fine folks are the crazy ones who are taking a shot with me. I have no information on a release day yet and the new title will be another reveal.  (It’s a good one!)

Stay tuned for news, events, and giveaways!

The manuscript they picked up was my zombie novel.

Here’s a bit about the contracted work:

There are three rules for the zombipocalypse.

1. Don’t leave the fortified city.

2. Don’t get bit.

3. DON’T fall in love.

Too bad Emma Taylor does all three in a week. 

6 responses to “The BIG reveal!

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    • Thank you! It took all my will power not to spill the beans days ago! I can’t wait to reveal the name and get the cover! For now though…edit, edit, edit!

  2. Congratulations Heather !!!! I’m very excited for you. I know you will do well. Please keep us informed on books that become available.

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