More writing!

I never stop!

A new one has been started! And a few others in edit!

Despite the fact that two of my manuscripts are going to be published I have not stopped. I’m about 5k-8k in on a new historical romance that is tons of fun to write so far.  The title is a work in progress.

Want a little teaser of it?

For Lady Kathryn Moore life is supposed to be about finding a respectable husband and having as many sons as she can. That changed the moment she stepped foot in the French court at the tender age of six. Chosen for her strong-will, independence, and station in life she is plucked from amongst the other girls and tossed into training to become a royal assassin.

Upon returning to the English court she is already called upon by an old acquaintance, the new King Edward. Someone has made attempts on his life and he needs the offender stopped for good. She is prepared to protect his life and his crown by any means necessary. What she isn’t prepared for is falling in love or finding out who is out to kill the king. 


That’s what I’m working on. Exciting? You betcha!

I’m still anxious to reveal the zombie novels new title and cover art! It’s just the waiting game now. I hope you all can bear with me until I get it!


HOWEVER, if I get 700 followers on Twitter OR 150 on the author fanpage on Facebook…I may reveal the name sooner.




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