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  1. Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

    Book trailers are fun and I’ve done one for all of my full length works. But I’ve never spent a single penny on them (can’t afford it) so I make them all myself. In the beginning, my teens helped me figure out how to do it but I do most of them alone these days. I just use Windows Live Movie Maker, a program I already had on my computer to do it. I always put them up on You Tube and then share them around wherever I can. Like any promotion, it’s hard to say how much impact they’ve had on sales but this summer, two of my book trailers, the one for Guy’s Angel and just this week the one for Pink Neon were recommended by Robin Covington in her weekly feature on USA Today.com. THAT seemed to have an impact, at least in how many views the book trailers gained and hopefully in sales. If you want, email me and I’ll share some more pointers on how to put a book trailer together and the do’s and don’ts!!

    1. Heather

      That is awesome! I’ll be emailing you when I get off work!

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