More edits!

I’m so excited!

I have new edits!

I haven’t opened the file yet. It’s still sitting in my email. Waiting anxiously!

This particular manuscript is with Soul Mate Publishing. It’s my first full-on romance. I’m kind of nervous to find out what the editor has to say. I should open the file. I’ve already gone through edits for one novel. I know what the red lines look like. I know what it’s like to have my baby torn to pieces.

So why am I nervous? Why is my heart thumping so hard in my chest?

Because it’s still another of my novels. It’s another manuscript I poured my heart into. It’s something else of mine I bared myself in. It’s a part of me and I’m allowing someone to rip it apart and get it ready for the world to see.

Am I ready?

No. I’m still not ready for The Last Alive and it’s out in 11 days! 11 DAYS!

Now I will be busy, busy, busy again!!! Editing my WIP, editing another soon-to-be released. Working on helping marketing The Last Alive. I’m so giddy.


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