That awful thing…what’s it called? Oh yeah writers block.

The Last Alive is finally finished. I have edits for Cutlass Anne due in a month and a half. I have to finish the final edits before requerying Every After and you want to know what…I gave myself writers block.

At. The. Worst. Possible. Time.

I can’t focus. I can’t concentrate. I can’t do anything. I’ve read on how to help promote and market the novel. When I try to write wanna know what I do? I sit there and stare at my computer screen. I look at the words. I type a sentence. Delete that sentence. Retype it. Then delete it again.

I then go browse the web and….stare at videos of kittens for a while. Maybe silly dogs jumping in pools. I’ll watch Damnitsgood808’s music video’s (HILARIOUS!). Then I head to Twitter.

Do you want to know why Twitter is so awesome? It’s full of other writers, agents, and publishers who SHOULD be doing writing relating work and they are NOT! They’re like ME!!! NOT doing their work!! YAY for slacking! Of course during this time I usually obsessively refresh the 500 links I have open. I check what sales I can on Amazon. I check how many likes I have. I check my book trailer. I check everything. I question everything. How many books have been sold? Have any been sold? Do I suck? Does the world think I suck? Oh God!

I won’t have any numbers till November. I have to wait a month and a half for any numbers. I’m not a patient person.

I eventually go back to my writing. I flip from document to document just staring at the words I do have on the screen until they blur together and it’s all a jumbled mess. Eventually I throw my hands up and say F*CK THIS SH*T!

I go into a cleaning frenzy. I spend two hours cleaning. Shower. Sit back down in front of the computer. Nothing. nada.

Back to kitten videos. Kittens are cute.

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