An exciting day!

Oh I’ve been looking forward to today!

Almost as much as the day The Last Alive was released!


I got my paperback copy!!!

my paperback


I was so excited when my husband deposited it in my lap. I squeed as loud as my hoarse voice would allow me. Oh it’s The Last Alive in paperback form!! It’s really here!!!!! It’s in my lap! I have it in my hands!

It’s better than I could have hoped for.

There is one thing I have realized while flipping through it. I need to make my books longer. Much longer. That’s on my too do list for all my upcoming novels…longer. Starting with Cutlass Anne. ADD WORDS!

It’s so wonderful. It’s so beautiful!

I feel like a real author now!

I’m going to finish squeeing now!

Do you want to buy a copy of my book? You can.

You can get it in print and ebook at AMAZON

for your Nook at B & N

at ARe



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