Edits are done!

I’ve been working on these edits forever!

At least that’s what its felt like.

Cutlass Anne has by far been my biggest challenge. One, because I think I sent the wrong file to the publisher. Oops.

Two. I’ve never done historical fiction before. That in itself was a challenge.  Tons of research, Googling, reading, questioning, rewriting, and contemplating went into the creation of this particular novel. It took me a good 8 months to write it. I can normally bust out a novel in three months. With edits and rewrites I can have one finished in an eight months to a year.

I really enjoyed writing historical fiction; however, that does not mean I’m sticking to it. I enjoy writing so many other genres as well that I can’t stick to it. I loved writing zombies. I’m really enjoying my rewrite of Ever After. I’m loving the humorous chick lit I started. I’m loving the full length erotica I’ve got going on. I’m loving the paranormal romance I have kind of started. There are so many different stories that span so many genres that are clogging my brain that I can’t stick to one.

But first round edits are done for Cutlass Anne. Now I wait for 2nd round edits to come in. I await February 2014! I’m so anxious! I just can’t wait!

2 responses to “Edits are done!

  1. Going through polishing/pacing edits on my WIP at the moment, and they feel as if they are forever. In first drafts especially, I have quite a verbose style, so I’m cutting so many random lines. Gah! Sometimes it feels like, never ending, editing will be the death of me!

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