The waiting game

This past week I’ve been a bundle of nail-biting nerves.

I have a manuscript out on submission and oh man I can’t wait to hear back!

Ever After: The Crimson Cloak is out with a few agents and a few publishers. It’s been a week and boy am I nervous. I’m excited. I’m anxious!

I can’t help but wonder if my manuscript has made it out of the slush pile. Is someone reading it right now? Are they loving it? Is it keeping them awake at night? Or do they hate it? Did they roll their eyes? Is it thrown in the electronic trash bin? Are they going OMG and writing up a rejection as I write this?

I’m also an obsessive checker. I refresh my email every couple of minutes hopeful that maybe, just maybe, I’ll have that email.

So far nothing. So far it’s all spammy spam.

In order to get over my anxiousness, I’m working on the sequel to Crimson Cloak. I started it some time ago but never finished. I suppose now is a good time to finish.

For those who are in the waiting game or others who have been what was your process for dealing with the anxiety of waiting? Did you obsessively check your email every few minutes? Did you get lost in another WIP? Read books? Twitter stalk your favorite agents/publishers?

I need go refresh my email…

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