A new venture

While I work on edits for Soul Mate and finish up another manuscript I’ve been working on I’ve finished a few other stories.

Stories that are VERY different for me.

CHILDREN’S stories.

I always swore I’d never do children’s stories. I’m not sure why. They were always way out of my element. So not me. Not what I was in to.

I’m now obsessed with them. Something in me has snapped. Gone 180. I absolutely love writing children’s stories now. I’ve written four of them. I don’t know why. Most of them are about my dog.



That’s my dog. She’s my children’s book inspiration. She’s hilarious. She cracks me up. She’d crack anyone up. I could write a million stories about her. I just might.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m writing children’s stories. And editing. And finishing up a few manuscripts I’ve working on.

My new house is clearing my mind. I love our new house.

I love our new neighborhood. This is what I’ve been needing. A new start. I think we all have. I’ve been a busy, busy author.


Back to editing, writing, and ALL THE THINGS!

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