News from H. L.

I finally have news!!!! I started to think I’d never have news for all you fantastic folks again!

I’ve inked a 3 book deal with Soul Mate Publishing!!

That’s right…three book deal. What’s so different about this signing then others? It’s my first trilogy sale!!!

Ever After finally found a home! I’ve bee holding onto it for some time, since I rewrote it, looking for the perfect home for it. I’ve been so happy with the process Soul Mate goes through to lovingly ready my works for publication so I queried them. After the pains of writing a synopsis (those things are worse than the actual book!!) I got the email from my editor, Cheryl. (I’ve worked with her on other pieces) She loved it and wants them.

Uh, yeah!

So here I am. Happy and thrilled to be staring at my signed contracts. Now if only the husband will hurry home so I can get them signed and off to Soul Mate!

A small bit about Ever After:

Once upon a night in a land not so far away, twenty-two-year-old Elyse Grimm’s life changes forever when she learns she’s the last fairy tale guardian and high queen. Protector of another world that she doesn’t know exists in stories that are very much alive. Stories she stopped believing in years ago.

However, it all becomes terrifyingly real when she witnesses a woman in a red-hooded jacket being mauled to death by a giant wolf in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh. With no one by her side except the irresistible rogue king, James, confront the threat that’s lays before her: the evil witch.

Elyse has inherited all of her family’s unfinished fairy tale mess, including the evil witch who has killed every last Grimm. Every Grimm except for Elyse.

She must abandon everything she thought was real and logical for make-believe and fantasy if she is to succeed. With James by her side, and a forbidden love budding, she must track down the wolf and save humanity before it’s too late for both of their worlds.

So keep an eye out in 2016 for my newest books!

2 responses to “News from H. L.

  1. Woot woot! I think I had a read through the first chapter of that first book at one point, didn’t I? Great that’s it and its siblings have found a good home!

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