A Writer’s Game

I love games. Who doesn’t? They keep occupied, take your mind away from whatever you’re thinking about, and I like using it to combat writers block. Which I experience a lot.

So lets play a game.

If you’re a writer:

Whatever piece of work you’re working on at the moment, the newest paragraph you wrote, copy and paste it into the comments section with the title of the work and your author name.

Non-writer readers:

Whatever you’re reading, post the most recent paragraph you read, the title of the book/author, and the page number.

So I’ll post my most recent chapter from a manuscript I’m adding to. War of the Gods. I had the rights reverted to me recently and I’ve decided to add a bit.

I stood in front of the window to our hotel room, listening to Adrian sleep. His soft snores relaxed me as I watched the still night. The resort had grown quiet after the party died down hours ago. You could still hear some people making their way back to their own rooms despite the fact it was well past two in the morning. My stomach churned with uneasiness at the thought of any of my friends or family falling to the Titans again. The darkness of night scared me as it did when I was a child. I’d always thought monsters lurked under my bed or in my closet. Eventually the idea of the boogie man passed as did my childhood. Now, though, I knew better. I knew there were monsters who were more than happy to kill us.

4 responses to “A Writer’s Game

  1. I like this idea! I think authors don’t get together and chat about WIPs enough. 🙂 This is a paragraph I wrote yesterday, but I didn’t have internet and haven’t written much yet today.

    “What a life the machine had. Static ran from its toes to its crest, as if the machine was spinning it into life, tesla static better than gold thread. Summer watched, horror filling her, as the static reached her brain, her scholarship report subject, in one blue arc. She visualised the static leaping over the neurons like action potentials themselves, generating knowledge and memory and – even, worse – planning.”

    Alexandrina Brant. ‘The Academic, the Sergeant, and the Brain in Room 303’ is the working title.

  2. Reblogged this on Miss Alexandrina and commented:
    A fun writer’s game by H L Wampler – bringing writers together with their extracts. I think it’s a good idea, add your own!

  3. “I knew he was married and that his wife Crystal was a veterinarian, and that they had a pack of rescue greyhounds. He was a member of a Harley Owners Group chapter and sometimes rode with the Patriot Guard, escorting funeral processions for soldiers. That was about it.”

    Misha Burnett “World Edgewise”

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