Self publishing and marketing

I took a big leap last week. I self published a title that was reverted back to me.

After reading through the manuscript a few times, adding about 10k – 15k more words, getting a new cover (supplied by my amazing husband…seriously he’s really good) and figuring out all the formatting crap I took the plunge!

It’s been up for about 6 days now. I started a free promotion yesterday.

Units SOLD – 8 within the first 4 days.

Not terrible, but not awesome.

FREE units downloaded – 102

MUCH better. (That’s within 20 hours)

At the moment it’s sitting at #4 in mythology

#14 in fantasy

and #2,322 in overall free kindle downloads.

I have a goal for the rest of my promotion. I want to get to #1 in overall free downloads. It’s a big goal. I’ve never been #1 at anything. So I’m marketing like crazy. I’m not the best at it but I’m doing what I can. I’m using social media to my advantage. Facebook, Twitter, here, and even Wattpad.

I’ve submitted to so many book bloggers, just waiting on responses.

It’s a nerve wracking task. Trying to spread word about the book and garner attention to it. I’m anxious to see if the free promotion and spreading the word will help it continue to climb the charts.

If anyone is interested in a free ebook….

Head to the link below and download your 100% free copy! (If you want to leave a review I’d completely LOVE that so much!!)

War of the Gods

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