There is a debate roaring!

As I near the end of polishing my manuscript, hopefully for the last time, a firey debate has started in my brain.

It’s a fierce debate that a lot of other writers seem to be going through lately.

Do I self-publish or do I go the traditional route. When I started writing I was so sure that the traditional way was the only way to go. But, as the years have worn on (yes folks, years.) I’m beginning to second guess that.

My number one reason is because I can’t write a query letter to save my life. Oh, writing a 50-100k word novel is no problem, a 250 word query letter…nope. Not happening. I don’t know why. I am just query incompetent. Many writers can. Many writers can write some seriously kick-ass letters, I just can’t.

My other reason, the control. Yes, with self-publishing (for me, at the beginning at least, it will be e-publishing) you have more control. Now, with an agent and publisher you have an entire team behind you. You just write and leave everything else to them. Which would be nice. I wouldn’t mind that, but that means lower royalty prices and less control over other things. In fact, I already have my book cover. After I “finished” the manuscript, The Last Grimm: Reds Hood, the first time I went on a mad hunt for the perfect book cover. I found it, I got it and it’s mine.
I have control. I love it.

But, again, that entire team would be nice.

So, the debate continues. I’ve asked on the writing forum I belong to what other people thought and their experiences. Of course it’s all been mixed. Some swear by self-pubbing while other swear traditional agent and publisher is the only way to go.

I suppose this is something that I have to decide for myself.  Can I handle being author, agent, publisher, editor, promotional team and marketer?

Can I really do that all on my own? Can I promote my book enough to generate the sales I’d be happy with? Would I be happy with being at the bottom with this book I’ve been working so hard on?

While my betas still have it out, I have a lot of thinking to do.

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