It’s not nearly as easy as it seems

While I wait for my beta’s to finish reading I formatted my manuscript.

Holy shit is that hard!

Thanks to smashwords style guide and mobipocket my e-book is formatted and converted to html.

That shit is NOT easy!

I’m also not computer savvy, at all. However, if you are going to epublish, you have to figure it out. Unless you’re willing to pay someone. I am not. If I can’t do it myself, then what’s the point of self epubbing? I want to prove to myself and all my naysayers that YES, I CAN DO IT! And, it may have taken me 6 1/2 hours, but I did it.

I highly recommend smashwords style guide. My manuscript was so f*ed up when it came to formatting it’s not even funny.

Now mid you, I have not published yet, so it could be a complete mess. My fingers are crossed that it’s not and that I did do it right. I can’t be completely hopeless when it comes to this stuff…right? I suppose we’re going to find out when I do publish.

If you are planning on going this route and want to do it yourself, I can’t stress enough how important it is to do it properly. Don’t take shortcuts and be lazy. If you truly want a good-looking book, do it RIGHT!

Another good tool to have is support. Yes, support. Where do you find a bunch of writerly support? Why, writers forums of course. I love Absolute Write  Water Cooler. The folks there are knowledgeable, willing to help, but they are no-nonsense. They don’t hold back and can be brutal. Which is good. At least I appreciate it. In the time I’ve been there I have learned a lot. I thought I knew enough going in, but oh I didn’t. I did not know a damned thing. Now, I do. Well, I know more. My writing isn’t a hot mess anymore.

Now, I go and wait.



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