Another new interview

How did everyone enjoy the interview with Abigail yesterday?

Today, I’ll be interviewing the delicious Connor Guy.

A little background on Mr. Guy. He is the heroine of The Last Grimm series leading man. The have an amazing on paper chemistry, and I can see why. The man is gorgeous.


Me: Connor, how are you?

Connor: I’m great, and you?


Me: Fine, fine. You are the huntsman from Little Red Riding Hood?

C: Yes.


Me: And your dad was before him? How did your family get into that business?

C: It all started centuries before I was born, around the time Abs ancestors, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, created my world. The wolf killed my great-great-great-great grandmother. Since that day the men in my family have been huntsman, sworn to riding the world of the wolf and his descendants, as well as the great queen.


Me: Such tragedy behind such an amazing love story.

C: I wouldn’t call it a love story.


Me: So you and Abigail aren’t a thing?
C: I didn’t say that. Abs and I did end up developing into a love story, but it didn’t start that way. It is about a girl gaining confidence in herself to do the impossible, and for her to learn to trust people. Which she is still working on.


Me: Okay. So, lets focus on you and Abigail for a minute. At the beginning she was attracted to you, but after the big incident at the beginning, she wanted nothing to do with you.

C: Yeah, she’s a snarky, stubborn woman.


Me: What did you do to win her over?

C: I was persistent, and probably as stubborn as she is.


Me: How does she handle all the women throwing themselves at you?

C: I never see anyone throwing themselves at me. Sure they flirt, but that’s how you women are. Right?


Me: No, Connor, that’s not how we all are.

C: Oh, well, I guess she takes it rather well then.


Me: Did you ever expect to fall in love with Abigail?

C: Nope.


Me: Now, the big battle at the end, she really turned around,  and turned into a beast. Did you think she had it in her?

C: Honestly? No, I didn’t think she’d be able to defeat the silver wolf on her own. I thought for sure she would need help, but she didn’t have much choice.
I’m really proud of her.

Me: How is it dealing with her mom?

C: It’s interesting. Her mom is so shut down to the rest of the world that I’m surprised Abigail isn’t more of a basket case.


Me: So, the end of the book, that was a twist. Are you excited for the next one?

C: Yeah, we were all surprised by that one. Snow is promising to be even more exciting than Red’s Hood.


Me: Do you plan on staying for all the books?

C: As long as I’m not killed off, that’s the plan.


Me: Killed off? Is there something you know we don’t?

C: I know just as much as you do. I hope I’m not killed off. That would be kind of a bummer.


Me: Well, I know you’re busy, so one last question. Is there wedding bells in the future?

C: (laughs loudly) I don’t know yet. Abs and I haven’t been together that long. We’re working on getting to really know each other, and see how well we do living together first. But you never know. But for now, you can read about our budding love in The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood on Amazon or Smashwords for ereaders. It is coming out in print soon right?

Me: Yeah, it should be available in print edition by next week at the latest. I hope.

C: You hope?

Me: As long as the proof is good to go, print will be available.

C: Well, make sure it’s good to go!

Me: Alright, Connor! Sheesh.


Me: You can find Connor and Abigail in The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood HERE.

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