One more day!

I’m excited for tomorrow. It’s kind of a big deal for me, and for The Last Grimm.

Why is it such a big deal??

I GET MY PRINT EDITION!That’s right, I caved. I used Createspace, and made print books. Tomorrow, the proof will get here. As soon as I click the approve button The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood will be available on Amazon, Amazon Europe, and Createspace for $11.25 in print form.

I know I’ve had a lot of folks asking if it was going to be made available in print because they didn’t have ereaders, and after a lot of thought, I figured why not? Who knows, if I end up making money…I may have to start pitching to actual, physical bookstores. That’d be crazy to see my book sitting on a bookstore shelf.

Greg is always telling me print is dead. Only ereaders should matter. But I have to disagree. For the techies sure, print may be dead, but for those like me, the technologically challenged, print will never be dead. We love the feeling of holding an actual book. We love the smell of the paper, and there is just something about an actual, physical book that ereaders don’t have. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Kindle. It’s so convenient for vacations, and long car rides. I can carry 50 books with me in one small, handy book instead of packing up tons. It’s a lot lighter too. But for being at home, some books, I just want the actual book.

So I’m excited to have my book in my hand tomorrow. I’m excited to see all of my hard work come together. I think it will seem more real, and I’m going to reach more readers.

So, here’s to tomorrow!!!

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