Oh, it’s on sale!

If you don’t know, I published my first book 2 weeks ago.

Since then, I’ve been promoting and marketing like crazy.

I did a few days of free downloads, and now I’m doing 50% off. That’s right, you can get The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood on Smashwords for only$2.50.
It’s normally $4.99.

Coupon code is KG28V
Once my print book that I bought gets here I’ll be doing an autographed giveaway.

Exciting times right? I hope.

So if you have an ereader, and haven’t read my book yet, go to Smashwords and get it half off.
If you don’t have an ereader you can go HERE, and but the physical book for $10, or wait and try to win it in the giveaway in a few weeks.

On a side note, I’m contemplating whether or not to have a “meet and greet”. It’s not a book signing (if someone has my book, and wants me to sign it, I’m not going to say no…) it’s a…come out, have a drink, and meet the author type thing.

Not sure if it’s a good idea, okay idea, or completely ridiculous. Hell, I don’t even know if anyone would want to meet me. Right now…I’m still some unknown person who’s trying to at least sell a few books.

I need a nap.

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