Something AMAZING has happened in my house!

My husband is not a big reader. He really doesn’t like it at all.

At least, he didn’t until he bought his Nexus 7.

I love reading, I’m always reading something, somewhere. I have a 2nd Gen Kindle, for now. I’m getting my own Nexus 7 for Christmas. Well, I’ve been nagging at the man to start reading. He always says no, he doesn’t like it.

Last night though, he stayed up later than ME reading! That’s right. He downloaded books, and has started reading! I thin the clouds parted, and angles began to sing. It really is the end of times. My husband is reading!

Okay, he’s not that bad. He DOES own actual, paperback books. A few of them. I’m just happy he finally decided to read. He’s even reading MY book. Mine. Not sure if he likes it though. I don’t think it’s scary enough for him.

But you know what. I don’t care. He’s reading. Well, he’s reading more than just his Nintendo and computer magazines.

My boys are already into books and magazines. They can’t read, but they love pictures and making up their own stories. Perhaps they’re future authors like their momma.


Also, keep an eye out next week!!! I’ll be doing a signed book giveaway! That’s right, an actual paperback autographed by…none other than ME!

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