Here’s an excerpt from my WIP

I’m working on another series right now. Well, too, I guess it would be. The first is The Last Grimm of course. The second installment of that should be out by the beginning of 2013.

The new one though, it’s a Paranormal romance called Cassidy Perry, Paranormal Detective.

Remember this is still the first draft, but I hope it at least piques your interest.

Chapter 1

I wake to the suns setting rays streaming in through my bedroom window.

“Ah, twilight,” I yawned, “Time for work, Socks.”

The large, fluffy cat rolled over, and let out a soft meow. I shuffled into the kitchen, and dug through the fridge until I found the last can of synth-o-pos. Popping the top I poured the cold, crimson liquid into a pot on the stove.

My ever sleepy cat sauntered in, and plopped himself down in front of his food dish.

“Alright, Socks. Tuna for you, blood for me.”

Synth wasn’t as good as real blood, but it did the job.

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