And the winner is…

I did a book giveaway/contest this week.

While not a lot of folks tried to win, I had a few that did.

And they were good.

My book is The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood

It’s a fairy tale retelling. So in order to win an autographed copy of it, you had to either tell me what your favorite fairy tale is and why, OR come up with your own.

I managed to narrow it down to the two who were creative enough to come up with their own fairy tales.

I’ve read them both a few times, and it was difficult to pick between the two. I really liked them both, but there has to be a winner.

So…congratulations Maddy. Send me your info via email, and I’ll have the book shipped out tomorrow!

But, don’t fret! I’m giving away ANOTHER autographed copy over on Twitter once I hit 300 followers! Only 25 more to go! So follow @Pghhousewife and when I hit 300 I’ll let you all know how you can win!



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