No longer available…

I have unpublished my book. After a few emails letting me know how awful my writing is, and how predictable my stories are…I’ve unpublished my book from all locations.

If I have disappointed anyone, I truly am sorry. I’m not even entirely sure if I want to continue writing anymore.

I’ve never felt like such an immense failure before now.

I know, everyone should except negative criticism, and I was prepared for it. But not being told that my book wasn’t even worth the .99 paid for it. That…well it cut a bit deep.

As much as I love  writing, and as much as it kills me…I think I’m done.

5 responses to “No longer available…

  1. I heard about your book on GoodReads and comments were very good and they made me want to read it. This is your first book so you have to expect to run into criticism, you will get better with each one you write.

    BUT woman are you nuts to just quit writing!! Take some of the comments and use it to refine the book. Not everyone is gonna like your writing….that is just a matter of personal taste on the part of the reader. There are some genre I don’t like to read so why bother buying the books BUT that doesn’t mean the author isn’t a good writer. Unfortunately, there are also many mean spirited people in the world who take great pleasure in tearing someone. You stop writing because of them and you let them win. Remember so many famous authors have faced rejection and criticism but they have the last say by becoming successful by doing what they love.

    • I’ve come to realize that everyone is right. I’m going to face positive and negative criticism and it’s something I need to deal with. I definitely don’t have a tough skin, and I should probably work on that. lol. And despite what some may say, I’ll keep on writing. It’s something I love, and I can’t seem to stay away.

  2. OMG.. u can’t leave this to where it started it at.. I just got done reading the
    The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood and I have to tell you I couldn’t get enough.. You will have people who are well just suck at life, but you have great talent and wonderful imagination.. I want more.. Please dont stop writing.

    • I’ve decided to keep up with the writing. In fact I finished chapter 10 of the first draft of Snow (the 2nd in The Last Grimm series) last night. And I have 2 more projects I’m working on. So there is tons more to come.

      • That is good.. Never give up something that you enjoy despite what other people have to say. I can tell you that there is always going to be someone who is going to say bad things, its apart of everything. Please dont stop writing you have a gift. I loved that book and have read it already three times. nothing is perfect and nobody can be perfect.. I will very much look forward to buying the completion of the series when its done.. 🙂

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