The perpetual procrastinator

It is 1:40 am, and I am just now sitting down at my computer. This entire weekend has been a huge waste for me.

Okay, I did work the weekend day job. But, meh, ya know.

I’m finding that even though I do love like my day job…my heart isn’t 100% into it. Now I don’t slack off on my HUC duties. I still do them 100%. I’m just not into it 100%. No, my heart is 1,000,000% into writing. Even with the writerly tantrums and serious self-doubt I can’t get away from it. I can’t stop writing. I’m so stuck in it that I’m simultaneously writing 3 stories. Yes, 3 different stories.

1 of them is Snow. The second is the first in the Cassidy Perry series, and the third is a stand alone zombie horror.

So me and my predictable twists shall continue writing. My hope is that some day I’ll have enough people beating down my door for stories, willing to pay of course, so I can do it full time. Yes, I want to be a full time author. I want to make this my lively hood. Predictability and bad grammar aside, I write a good story…according to some folks. And I really don’t think my grammar/comma usage is all that bad. Perfect, no. Bad…maybe not?

Anyways, in the past 48 hours The Last Grimm has been downloaded 1,058 times. I’m number #389 in free kindle books. #12 in contemporary fantasy. So go me.

I’m going to continue procrastinating doing anymore work for 10 more minutes then I’m going to bed because I said I’d work tomorrow. Why do I do that to myself?

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