A first for me!

So I checked my Amazon this morning before leaving for my fun fill 10 1/2 hour shift and noticed a few more reviews for my book. I kind of grimaced a bit because I thin I suck…apparently I don’t!

I got my first 5 star review!

Yeah, I was shocked. Strangers. People I’ve never met and don’t know from Joe are LIKING my book! I am honestly shocked. I mean I figured people out there would like it, and I figured I’d sell a few. So far…in 9 days, with 3 days free, I’ve SOLD 32. 13 have been borrowed. 1500 downloaded. That’s just in the U.S. There’s more for the UK.

I know, I’m bragging. Sorry. I’m just so excited. It’s actually…doing okay. I might even get a check from Amazon this month! lol.

I need to work on the other WIP though. I’ve neglected them this weekend. I’ve been a major crab ass. Little sleep, long days at work…I just can’t get into anything besides my bed. (haha yeah, that was a funny. Okay, it was supposed to be funny)

I’m starting to feel more and more like an almost successful author. I’m glad that I republished. I’m glad that I am learning to have a tough skin. I’m glad people are enjoying my stories.

So, point of this post? If I can do it, anyone can!

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