I have a pretty cool husband…

For a while before I self-published my writing spot was curled up in the corner of my couch with my netbook.


My pretty awesome husband surprised me with a writing desk last week. Okay, he told me about it 3 weeks ago. We got it last week and it’s been built and sitting in the office for me for a week. Well, then we were sharing a chair. (We were never in the office at the same time.)

Well, I get up Saturday morning to get ready for work at 4 am. I had to go to the basement, which you go through the office to get to the basement door, and what do I see? A BLUE chair. Yes, a blue chair. I love blue. Blue if my favorite color. :o)

I squealed with joy.

Now I have a proper place to write my stories and do whatever else I feel like doing. I feel like a real writer and author. I HAVE A WRITING DESK!

My husband is pretty cool.

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