So if you were offered representation right now…

“If you were offered representation, would you take it?”

I’m asked this a LOT now that I’m self-published.

People automatically assume my answer is no.

They’re always surprised when I say, “It depends.”

Then I get, “Well, isn’t that like against the whole self-publishing thing?”

What self-publishing thing? I don’t care how my book gets out there, I just want people to read and enjoy my stories. It’s as simple as that.

Say there is an agent out somewhere in that big, wide world who has read my book and fell in love with it, say they want to offer me representation…okay. Great. Does that mean I’m going to say Yes? No. Like with any other offer I’m going to discuss it with the man and think about it.

Does it mean I’ll say no? No. Read above answer to Yes.

I doubt that an agent or anyone in the literary world has read my book, but cool beans if they do.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised it’s selling the way it is. Am I doing phenomenally well? HA Hell no. In the past week I’ve sold 37 copies, 12 “borrowed” from Prime. I’m just glad that there are some out there who are enjoying my more adultish version of fairy tales and I may actually get a check from Amazon this month. I hope.

Would having an agent make life easier? Sure, of course. I’d have more time for writing and wouldn’t have devote as much time as I do to promoting. Has my writing slowed down? Sure, but I knew it would. I knew I was going to have to devote a ton of time to getting my book out there. If I don’t, who will? Lord knows I don’t have an endless bank account to hire a publicist and marketer. lol. Right now I’m really counting on word of mouth to help me out.

Do I still write? Yes, I do. I’m up till 2 almost every morning writing. I’m now stuck on a chapter of Snow so I’ve been working on the paranormal detective book, but they’re making progress.

I also have 4-year-old twins running around. I feel like I have 50 full-time jobs going on all at once. At least when the boys start school I can knock one job down a bit.

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