Some zombie trivia!!!

Today we’re going to play a game.

No prizes involved this time. Just some fun. (I promise there WILL be prizes…eventually.)

The first person to answer every question correctly will win an e-book copy of Working Stiffs! A humorous zombie tale by a fellow Pittsburgh writer!

This is part of the setting for the upcoming romantic horror novel!!!! (Lots of zombies!)

fort burgh

Who is the Godfather of Zombies?

Which of his zombie movies made DOWNTOWN Pittsburgh zombie famous?

Do you know ALL of his movies?

When was his original zombie film out?

Where was the premier? (Hint it was NOT Hollywood!)

What Pittsburgh native (The Godfather of Gore) helped out in one of the “greatest zombie films of all time”?

When and where was the first Guinness World Record for largest Zombie Walk?

What Pittsburgh native is co-executive director AND makeup artist for the Walking Dead?

Have fun hunting down the answers!!!!

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