Progressing along!

I got my welcome to Rebel Ink Press stuff today!

I’m going to do a quick timeline for you folks.

I queried Rebel Ink on April 24.

May 13th initial email from E expressing interest.


May 17th signed.

May 21st. Contract accepted and I am officially a Rebel Ink author!!!!!!!!!!!!

So less than a month from query to part of the Rebel family.


If you look under my Bookshelf it no longer says under construction. It now has a cover holder in place as we await the cover of…the soon-to-be- announced title. :o)

I’m excited to see what the cover/graphic artist creates for my cover art. I’m excited to hear back from the editor. I’m excited to find out my R date! (release date)

It still feels so surreal. I can’t believe it’s happening. I can’t believe someone liked my story enough to want to publish it.

So stay tuned for more news, events, guest bloggers, blog hop info, and giveaways!

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