Floating on cloud 29

I’m so much higher than cloud 9 right now.

I was starting to come down…then I got two awesome emails today.

One from a publisher I would LOVE to work with…they will have their answer to me by tomorrow! A few hours later another publisher offered a contract on the same manuscript!

If you haven’t been following or reading me for very long within the past month and a half I’ve had two other contracts offered with I accepted.

The first was for a romantic horror. It was picked up by Rebel Ink Press and will be out September 3.

The second was for a historical romance which was picked up by Soul Mate Publishing.

This third was one I had absolutely NO intentions on submitting. I did it on a whim really. It’s an erotic romance novella. I’ve never written erotic anything before. It was quite the experience. I actually blushed while writing it. I did of course write it under a pen name. I may or may not reveal everything here. OR I may interview my alter ego…you’ll never know! So keep an eye out for all my upcoming books!


THREE contracts in a month and a half. Holy shitballs, Batman!

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