Another publisher reveal!!

So today I am revealing who my next publisher is!!

Are you all as excited as I am!

So I e-signed the contract for Cutlass Anne today! It’s my historical romance with LOADS of pirates!!!!

It will be brought to you by…


Soul Mate Publishing


That’s right. My first historical romance will be published by Soul Mate Publishing!!!

Details are still being ironed out as far as release and cover art…but I’m not even sure what to think or do. Like someone told me the other day…my dreams are actually coming true. It took me 23 years to realize what my dream was and 5 years to achieve it, but it’s happening. And it’s all thanks to these publishers who are willing to take a chance on little ol’ me.

For other writers out there still in the ocean of rejection…don’t give up! It took me 5 years and 6 manuscripts to get to my first yes. Just keep writing and keep trying. It will happen!

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