Rebel Ink’s Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop!

Happy 3rd birthday, Rebel Ink! Yup, the first ever publisher to pick me up is turning three this week. So a bunch of us Rebels are talking about our summer loves, flings, romances, or reads.   summer lovin blog hop I’ll talk about one of my summer romances.

All names shall be changed because I say so.

It was the summer after high school. I had lost a significant amount of weight. Went on a shopping spree and I was feeling good. My friends and I spent that summer hanging out before we all went out separate ways the following fall.

We had everything planned. Kennywood, Sandcastle, Idlewild, movies, dinners, late nights, sleeping in. It was going to be the most awesome summer EVER!

Then he happened. You know the boy who makes you stop in your tracks when you see for the first time. Your heart speeds up. Your palms begin to sweat.  And he smiles at you. But he can’t be smiling at you! Surely it’s at…the old guy behind you? No…no it’s you. He’s smiling at you! You try to smile back; however, you manage nothing more than some crocked, grotesque grin. He chuckles, you’re embarrassed, but he still makes his way towards you. Those fateful words flow from his beautiful lips, “Hi.” You giggle like an idiotic monkey. Your friends do what they do best, they laugh at you.

Inwardly you facepalm. Outwardly you sigh heavily and close your eyes hoping to reverse time. But nope. That catastrophic first meeting really happened and he didn’t run away laughing his ass off at you. He’s still standing there! For the next three months you are in bliss! He gets along with your friends. You get along with his. You like the same things, the same food, the same music. What could go wrong? Oh yeah…the fall. He’s leaving for the west coast at the end of August. You’re staying in state.

So ends your summer lovin’. So begins life. You promise to call and write. But as life would have it that doesn’t happen. You move on. He…moves on? And then 10 years later you write a very vague story about it on a very small author blog. Yay for summer loves!

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So for happier stuff…FREE STUFF!!!! Rebel Ink is giving away Kindle Paperwhite and an author swag bag!!! No I don’t have any swag in it this time. I tried. My swag sucked so I didn’t send it and since my book isn’t out yet I couldn’t even send a paperback. Next time though I’m going swag overload!

So go enter HERE!!

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