The Hunter

My NaNo project this year didn’t get finished. Half-way but not entirely.

I’m not stopping. As I finish up edits for War of the Gods (cover reveal coming soon!!!) I continue to write that.)

But I’m experimenting with it. A little side project. I’m posting it chapter by chapter on Wattpad. It’s also my first attempt at a vampirish type of story. My main character isn’t a vampire. She hunts them. She kills monsters. All types.

Here’s the blurb.

Alyssa’s move to Pittsburgh, a small, bustling city in southwestern Pennsylvania, could have been the worst move her family ever made. But once she finds the monster nest they’ve been hunting for two hundred and fifty years she begins to change her mind about wanting to kill the inhabitants and who the real monsters are.

The once dangerous and still alluring Bryce helps Alyssa see the creatures for who they are and not what she is told they are, something she never did before. Her life takes a terrifying turn when the Hunters’ Guild who, up until now were on her side, turn on her and label her a monster and put a hit on her.

Bryce has managed to keep his vampire identity a secret in the small community with the help of a magical ring, but now nobody is safe, especially Alyssa, the person Bryce has come to love above all.

And as I post it’s out there for all to see.

Want to read along as I write it? Go to Wattpad.

Oh and check out the awesome cover a fellow writer there did for me! She does amazing work. I love it!

the hunter

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