Cover reveal annnnddddd big news!

Hey…guess what!

War of the Gods will be out NEXT MONTH!!


War of the Gods cover



She was born a goddess but raised as a mortal.

20-year old Cara Grey is as far from normal and she doesn’t know it yet. Her life changes in ways she never dreamed when her migraines transport her to another time and place. She eventually realizes that nothing is ever what it seems and her life has been nothing but lies. Cara is informed that she’s the only hope for all humankind. Not even the great Greek Gods can stop the coming doom.

Leaving behind everything, she heads to Greece for what she thought was a family vacation. Meeting the gorgeous twins Adrian and Adronis was more than luck.  It was planned. What wasn’t planned was Cara and Adrian falling in love.

Time is short. The world is crumbling around her. Cara must save humanity and her budding relationship, or lose everyone and everything she loves.


Chapter Eleven

Rounding another corner, I nearly pissed myself. I was face to face with the beast.

I sighed heavily. “Of course.”

It snorted at me and roared. It had a huge sword in one hand and wore a dirty toga that looked to be stained with blood. I hoped it wasn’t fresh blood. It was covered in a dark, coarse brown fur. A main of black hair hung down its back in a single braid. He stood on hind legs like a human, but his head and legs were that of a bull. A really tall, muscular bull. The horns curved upward and had a nice point at the end.

“Human,” it bellowed.

“Beast,” I said with a shaky voice.

It took a few steps toward me sniffing. “Not human.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I smell the blood of a od,” it said in a deep baritone voice.

“Um, where?” I asked looking around us for someone else.

“A god who does not know!” it laughed. “No matter, I have not had food in millennia. I shall enjoy your flesh.”

“How about you don’t eat me? I’m sure I taste awful.”

“You don’t eat and see if the next thing that walks into your home doesn’t taste wonderful,” he said.

“I’m telling you I would not taste good. I’m so scrawny. See?” I lifted my shirt and pinched at my stomach. “Not good for eating. You need to find something else. Like a chicken. Chicken is good.”

“I can settle for silly god.”

“What god? I know you’re not talking about me. I’m just a girl on vacation,” I said, pressing my back against a wall and trying to walk past him.

“Enough talking,” he yelled, swinging the sword at me.

“I’m not going to be your dinner,” I shouted, , ducking and running past the lumbering beast.

As I ran I looked over my shoulder and saw the minotaur chasing after me. The maze path split in two. Biting my lip, I had only seconds to decide. Going left was a horrible decision last time, so I went right. Unfortunately a wall didn’t appear behind me. Just the man eating minotaur.

“Oh come on! Really!” I yelled as I ran.

The beast was catching up to me. I could almost feel its hot breath on my neck. It swung the huge sword at me. I dove to the ground, it narrowly missed taking off my head. I scrambled back up and kept running. At another split I went right again. The Minotaur stayed right behind me. My chest felt tight and my legs ached. I wanted to stop.

“It’s no use! You cannot outrun me! Nobody can outrun me.”

“If Theseus can do it, I can do it!” I shouted back at him.

“Theseus? That ridiculous Athenian had help. You have nobody. You are alone.”

“Whatever,” I grumbled.

I glanced back once more and nearly ran into a wall.

Shit! I spun with my back pressed up against the wall. I looked around wildly for some sort of weapon but only saw a pile of bones.

“You see. I told you. Now you shall join that poor soul next to you.”

I smiled meekly still looking around. The Minotaur stopped right in front of me. His hot and heavy breath blasted me in the face. I dropped to my knees sobbing. I was going to die. I was going to die and nobody knew where I was. I turned my head so that I wouldn’t see the final blow. The beast lifted the large sword above its head. As I looked I saw a gleam of something under the bones. I dove to the left and pushed the body to the side. An old, rusting sword lay on the ground. With a sigh of relief I grabbed it and spun so that I was lying on my back. I thrust upward and felt it go into the Minotaur. Warm liquid flowed down the blade and covered my hands. I looked up as the beast fell forward. Letting go of the sword, I rolled to the side. I lay next to the dead monster for a few minutes. I lived. I didn’t die.

But what did he mean when he said he smelled a god?

I climbed to my feet and looked at the dead body one last time before heading back down the narrow path. Where I had made a right I went left instead. I wandered aimlessly until I reached another door. Going through I was thrown into darkness again. I turned and saw that a door had shut me in.


And that is my cover!

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