More #Pitmad!

Brenda Drake is at it again! I hope all you writerly folks have a manuscript all polished and ready to go. #Pitmad is geared up for January 8.

I’ve talked about Pitmad before. It’s a Twitter Pitch party put together by awesome author Brenda Drake. Agents, publishers, and editors come together and read through the 140-character pitches tweeted by us authors.

Yes, you only have 140-characters to sum up your entire novel that’s without using the hashtag pitmad.

It’s a fun, frustrating, and anxiety causing time. I love it.

Some Do’s and Don’t:

Do –

– Come up with an awesome 140-character tweet or two…or even three.

-Use the #Pitmad otherwise your just posting a random tweet about a mss you’re querying.

-Try to include the genre. It’s a huge help to the agents, publishers, editors.

-Be polite and respectful of the others who are participating.

-Have a query AND a synopsis ready.


-Directly tweet an agent or publisher unless they specifically say to.

-Don’t tweet more than one mss two or three times in an hour. (If you have multiple mss then each mss can/should have 2-3 tweets a piece/hour) The twitter feed gets bogged down by the same few tweet being sent every two minutes. The agent or publisher WILL see your tweet if it’s a few times within the hour. It won’t get lost. After the 60 minutes, tweet again.

-Don’t be rude. There is nothing worse than a rude tweeter.

-Don’t favorite! That’s how agents and publishers let authors know they’re interested in what they have! Retweet away though. You can retweet as much as you want.

-Don’t participate if you don’t have a completed mss.

If you’re participating…HAVE FUN! GOOD LUCK! And I’ll see you all on January 8th at #Pitmad!

For info check out Brenda’s blog.

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