Life after being published

I’m a small press published author. I have three novels out with a fourth coming in may.

How has life changed?

That’s what everyone asks after saying, “No way! You are an author? You write books? You do something besides work in a hospital?”

I unclench my jaw, keep my eye balls from rolling so hard they want to detach and bounce down the hallway, and smile.

How has life changed? It hasn’t. Not a bit. It’s the same except now I’m a published author. I don’t mention it unless someone asks what I do. I don’t wear a t-shirt…even though that would be awesome. I don’t walk around reading my books. Life has moved along like any other day.

No flashy, glamour. People don’t stop me in the streets and gawk…most people don’t stop me. I’ve been stopped once or twice.

No mansion. No maids. No butlers. No Ferrari’s.

We are buying a house. Just a normal house. I still wash the clothes and fold the undies. I vacuum. I wash the dishes. And we have the same car.

My laptop is always open with 4 or 5 stories going in various stages of writing and editing. I’m always thinking. I’m always planning. I’m always doing something. Even when it looks like I’m not, I really am. When my eyes are closed and it sounds like I’m snoring, that’s really my brain churning and plotting out my next story.

I still love to read books and get lost in other people’s worlds.

So that’s it. That’s life after publishing. It’s the same only my books are now available to the public to read.

The Last Alive


War of the Gods cover


Cutlass Anne book cover 1


In case you want to check out any of them…and maybe buy them. 🙂

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