It’s time again! #Pitchmadness! The submission window has closed and I FINALLY remembered in time to enter!

If you didn’t enter don’t worry. March 25 will be #PitMad time! So spiff up that 140 character Tweet for all those awesome agents and publishers!!!


Wanna see my entry? It’s for Ever After. I’m excited for it. I’ve rewritten and spruced it up.

Here it is!

Name: H. L. Wampler
Title: Ever After: The Crimson Cloak
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
Word Count: 70,000

Pitch: Falling into a fairytale can be dangerous. After being thrown into a position of power Elysse was cursed to forget, she discovers  her entire life is a lie and two worlds are in jeopardy.


“What if she remembers?” the large wolf asked, sitting next to the woman. His tail swishing around his body.

“She never will,” the woman replied, watching the girl through the small, lit window in the silent house across the yard.

“You don’t know that. There is a cure for every curse. Even yours.” He stood and prowled the tree line.

“Errow, stop. The girl has gone this long with no knowledge of the truth.”

“Forgive me if I’m nervous about our plans being ruined.”

The woman’s black cloak billowed in the wind as the snow swirled around her. “Have no fear, my loyal servant. I have plans for her.”

“What?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“He will recognize her,” the wolf growled.

“I will deal with it.”

“Of course, your majesty.”

The woman turned and vanished into the woods, gripping a red cloak in her hands.


I sat at my desk reading my resume for the hundredth time. I wanted nothing more than for it to be perfect. My wet hair clung to the nape of my neck and water slowly trickled down my back. I should be getting ready for class; instead I am studying my resume and deciding which business suit I want to wear to an interview. I tossed my resume on my bed and stared into my vanity mirror. My normally blonde hair was dark and matted to my head, my pale skin looked sickly, and my blue eyes were glazed over.

Mornings are not kind to me.

I scanned the vast sea of hair products and pulled out three. I was going with the big guns.


Did you enter #PitchMadness? Share your pitches! Didn’t? Plan on joining the #Pitmad fun on the 25th starting at 8am? Share your tweets you’re gonna use! And good luck everyone!

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